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22 février 2011

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A quick note for the ones suddenly visiting though It’s Nice That: my stats have never been so strong from all over the world, especially English-speaking ones, and I’m sorry you won’t find much to read in English here (not to speak of Russian, Norwegian, or Japanese, but yes, we would like to hear about you too!)

This blog is especially dedicated to chronicles about forthcoming literature ; theater and visual arts in France. It includes French and Foreign artists – if you come to France, or have your work edited in France, you may want me to learn about it (reel.emma —- >gmail). You can also listen to the music on this post (look for the mp3 and aac links), courtesy of the French music site Starsky, for an indie-international-sense of what I tried to do.

To give you a little taste of what this site is about, I thought the readers from New York could be interested  in this MOMA program:

« Queer Cinema from the Collection: Today and Yesterday » (11-17 March 2011). It’s organized by AA Bronson of General Idea fame, and it focuses on forward-thinking movie artists, such as Kenneth Anger and Derek Jarman, and young talents like Christophe Chemin (picture below) or Steve Reinke. It will also screen Shortbus, which has been a HUGE hit among the Cultenews aficionados – because Cultenews has always supported love, freedom of thought and a touch of utopia on its eyelids.

The Gold Room. 2007. Germany. Directed by Christophe Chemin. Courtesy of the artist.

Thank you very very much for your visit, and please link, and be back!

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